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To all of my friends and family and especially to all of

you who were touched by Dr. Andy Schroeder...

here is the latest from his wife Teresa...

I said my last goodbye to Andy tonight, January 9,2014 around 11:30 pm. He passed away shortly after I returned to the hospice house for the night. His sister, Kim, and I were there at his side. Words fail me right is hard to let go.

I could go on and on about what an amazing person Andy was, but I will save that for another day. Instead I will try to make peace in my mind with the belief that Andy is headed to heaven to meet up with his Dad and probably go for a long- awaited run. I think that Flynn and I now have a new and very devoted guardian angel.


While no one can tell how ALS will progress in any given individual, it's a reality that the disease changes lives. It can affect how people move, perform simple tasks, and communicate.  Where ALS first affects the body depends on the individual. For some, it may be in a leg that causes awkwardness in running or walking. In others, it may be an arm that weakens and loses its ability to do simple tasks. Some people notice speech problems first.


Regardless where ALS first strikes, muscle weakness and atrophy will spread to other parts of the body, bringing more symptoms as the disease progresses.


The goal of this website and all the events we host is to raise money for a very dear friends family, whose lives have been severly impacted by ALS. All of your donations will be used to help the family with medical bills, monthly expenses and to start a college fund for their new baby boy. 


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