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Over 30,000 people are living with A.L.S. today , a disease that causes a progressive degeneration of motor neurons in the body affecting voluntary muscle control.  Those affected eventually lose their livelihood, their independence and ultimately their lives.


 We are so sad to inform you that on January 9th at 11:30pm Dr. Andy Schroeder passed away after his nearly three year battle with ALS.  He was a great man who will be greatly missed...


We have started this group to raise money to help a dear friend of ours whowas diagnosed with ALS.  Every dollar we raise will help with any expenses now or later that he and his family may endure during treatment or in their daily lives as well as going to ALS TDI, Dr. Andy's charity of choice for ALS research.


Dr. Andy was diagnosed with ALS in March of 2011 at the age of 36.  He and his wife Teresa, who met at University of Northern Iowa, had been married for over 10 years.  They have a Great Dane, Minnie, who was their first baby and then their little joy Flynn.  (Minnie and Flynn get along very well as you can see.)

Dr. Andy was a chiropractor and due to the progression of ALS had to discontinue working in July 2011 due to the physical demands of chiropractic.  Flynn is now almost 4 years old and keeps getting bigger.  Follow us on facebook for updated pictures.

 Thank you very much for supporting this cause.